Share collections of links as AR mind maps

see demo!

Demo Video

* turn on sound to hear voiceover

What is it?

ARbor is an augmented reality app that turns groups of links into beautiful data visualizations

Why would you use it?

  • ✧ To share related links in a format that is fun for the receiver to browse
  • ✧ To organize content from various platforms in one place
  • ✧ To create a multimedia collage of memories and share it with loved ones

Use Cases

📚 Educators & experts

Curate the best educational resources for a skill level to shorten the path to knowledge for your students

💻 Content creators

Organize YouTube videos, podcast episodes, blog posts, or any other links by topic for your audience to explore

🎨 New media artists

Display and share your portfolio as a stunning visualization that compliments your artwork with a delightful browsing experience